Human Resource Development

The Human Resource Development Directorate was established in 2007. Due to the cynicism and misconceptions attributed to the certificates issued to graduates of the various courses that were handled by ATBU Investment Limited (ATIL) by employers of Labour, the University Council decided to remove the courses from ATIL and handed over their coordination to the Human Resource Development Directorate in 2007.

The Directorate of Human Resource Development (HRDD) was established by the University in 2006/07 to take over the training functions hit her to under ATIL; a Company created by the University during the administration of Prof. A. S. Sambo.

The objective:

The Directorate is to assist people who could not gain admission into other institutions from the catchment area to further their education and become useful members of their various communities. It is also a good way of providing solution to frustration and restlessness of the youth in our society, thereby curtailing the tendencies for criminal activities.

Besides, the Directorate serves as one of the major sources of IGR (Internally Generate Revenue) for the University which enables it to exercise some degree of self- dependence, financially.

Another objective is to assist matured adults and serving staff in different organizations to improve on their educational levels and to acquire skills and competence in their professions. For instance, teachers in primary, secondary and other institutions like School of Nursing, School of Midwifery, Health Technology, UNICEF, WHO, etc.

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