Directorate of Information and Communication Technology


Brief on the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology

The DICT came into being in 2010 following the merger of the three IT Service Centres of the University, namely, the ICTC ( Information and Communication Technology Centre), the MIS (Management and Information System Unit ) and the UCC ( University Computer Centre). The Directorate has seven digital centers and provides facilities for the conduct of high quality research of national and sub-regional significance, development activities, demonstration programmes, trainings and assessment of technologies for information technology and related disciplines for sustainable national development. The Center also provide maintain and regulate the on-campus internet access, which is beneficial to the teaching and learning processes of both staff and students. This Directorate provides the examination-hosting centre for the CISCO programme that the University is running. Training workshops, special classes, and a number of IT-related services are routinely being hosted and provided by the Directorate. Apart from the central cyber cafes to which the various Schools are assigned, each School (Faculty) also has its own café exclusive to its staff. Beside the Administrative Unit, headed by a director, the re-organized directorate has four other units.