Brief on the Linkages

The Directorate came into existence in 1995. The Directorate has a coordinating Committee chaired by the Director of linkages.  A working committee headed by a Coordinator is constituted for every linkage established.  Such Coordinators are members of Coordinating committee.  The Management Board Coordinating committee and the working Committee meet regularly to discuss problems and prospects of various linkages.

Mission of the Directorate:  The Mission of the Directorate is to strengthen the University contacts with other Institutions and agencies and to promote regional and global Cooperation.  The Directorate is to harness available resources from University’s partners and create and atmosphere for joint research and development.

Vision of the Directorate: To accelerate establishment of linkages with government and Non-Governmental Organization, Corporate bodies, Research Centers and Institutions of Higher Learning within and outside the country in pursuance of mutually beneficial activities.

The objective of the Directorate include:-

  1. To effectively monitor and promote the University linkage programmes;
  2. To strengthen the existing linkage and make them more relevant to the University;
  3. To identify potential linkage partners with which the University may develop new linkage agreement.

Presently there are about seventeen academic linkages with the University like, ZERI Foundation Geneva, Switzerland, Oklahoma State University, USA, STYRE Automobile company, Bauchi Development partnership in Higher Education (DelPHE), International Islamic University Malysia (IIU etc).